Ugh! so agitated help?

Okay i've been seeing a girl for about 9 months now and we just took a trip and came back on the weekend. As soon as i dropped her off and got home i had a now what feeling. It was a good trip nothing bad happened. I just have a impatient feeling and just want her to be mine already, but i know she isn't ready due to some events going on in her life. I feel so good when i'm around her and like being seen with her and taking her with me to places. My friends say I'm being really impatient, and that good things come to those who wait, and that if i pressure anything it will prolly scare her away. But knowing myself and how i feel i can admit that i want this to be mine already and its frustrating me that it's not mine yet. I have always taken it slow with girls from my previous relationships 8-10 months but this is killing me cause i really want it and it seems like its been too long! Ant support anyone what do i do!!


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  • You should give up on her. If she wanted you, she would have given you a chance.


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  • Let her know how you truly feel and see if she wants to commit now or wait.