Why are there so many dating services for 'Older Women and Younger Men', but none for 'Older Men and Younger Women'?

So, I've noticed that there are dozens upon dozens of singles events, dating apps and websites, meetup groups and the like which are focused solely upon bringing older women and younger men together, offering places for self-declared 'cougars' to find 'toyboys'. But I've yet to see a single one which went the other way, and offered a venue for older men and younger women to hook up with each other- in spite of the fact that, reputedly, this would be far more popular and lucrative. Why is that? And do you think it might be worthwhile to create a meetup group, dating app or singles event which would cater to this massive market, largely untapped save for one-sided, extortionate sugar-baby service providers?


What Girls Said 1

  • Its a common hot topic - older men and younger women

    • I know, but for some reason, no-one seems to be tapping into it. Is there some reason why- would you be accused of being misogynistic or politically incorrect to hook older men up with younger women, as opposed to the other way round? Are there none out there because people are too scared that they'd invite the ire of the radical feminist crowd and get shut down?

What Guys Said 2

  • aren't these sugary daddy things not dating sites for young girls and old men?

    • Not really. I'd say the sugar-daddy sites are more like a cross between offering old folks' carers and offering prostitution services. There's practically no dating offered there at all- either the sugar-daddies pay up-front for each and every moment of contact, even through the phone or online, or they remain lonely and alone.

    • what seriously? what a joke.

  • They just use normal dating sites.