What to do with this girl?

Me and this girl meant bout 4 months ago we began as friends but than began talking we got a little serious bout each other but than she was going through some personal issues so she wanted to be friends for a bit and because we also went a little too fast so we slowed down but our friendship ended in 2 days and went back to talking we just both didn't even know what the two of us were she is dealing with school so she doesn't want a relationship atm but she says she wants me and needs me we always kiss hug and do whatever couples do and we have been getting more serious we have even been talking bout being a couple already we hangout everyday but than she meant this guy a month ago she fell for him without meaning it or planning to she wanted him but he didn't she got upset she preferred him over me but now she realizes I was the one for her should I give her another chance or leave her? because I want her to be with me for the right reasons and not just cuz she got rejected


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  • She doesn't like you. When people claim that they are not ready for a relationship, it usually means that they do not see you as a potential love interest.


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  • life is all about opportunities, so if life offers this freely to you. Why not give to others.