Weird connection with him?

Hi. This might be weird but I have known this guy who is my best friend and honestly I do like him a lot. whenever he text me at midnight or anytime when I was asleep i would wake up about 20 minutes later and it only happens when it is him texting me which is weird because it never happen to me before with other person. Is my mind playing games with me or is it some kind of deep connection that I am not sure about because it has happen to me a lot of time in this last few years with him in my life.(sorry for my bad grammar. English is not my first language.). did anyone know why this is happening to me?


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  • This happens because you think of him before going to sleep. Do not let in your emotions too much.


What Girls Said 2

  • It Sounds like from where I am Sitting, @LilianMorsan, you Could very well be Falling in Love with your Bestie.
    Good luck and Keep this Going. xx

  • You could be conditioned to wake up at those times, or conditioned to wake up when his text tone sounds. It just might take a while to register...

    I wouldn't attribute it to anything supernatural.