Girls, what's the most attractive thing/way in which you would want a guy to approach you? What do you notice most?


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  • It's cute when guys use a cute pick up line that isn't often used. It shows that they have a sense of humor.
    like you "accidentally" trip over their feet and they say "omg I'm sorry" and then you say. "Oh it's ok. I was just falling for you".
    Some girls would roll their eyes but I would laugh and give you my number in a heartbeat 😂


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  • I don't know if this is just me, but I don't like it when guys get touchy-feely right away. So if a guy approaches me like that too soon, I get uncomfortable.

    The best thing is when a guy smiles (even though I've noticed this can be very hard for the guys), and shows genuine interest by asking questions and telling about himself - something, he wouldn't tell everyone.

    When it comes to confessing feelings, texting "i like you" isn't a good option. in my opinion, looking the girl straight in the eye and telling you like her one of the most romantic things.

  • I would say smiling and being friendly, start off making small talk and move into questions about her and telling her about yourself.

  • I like it when a guy approaches with a smile and says something like, "I don't mean to be rude, but you look really nice." Compliments and a smile are usually a win with me. What I notice most is kind eyes and a nice smile.