I got drunk and had a breakdown in front of my crush - Did I fuck it up?

As far as I remember I told her that I have noone to talk to and that I feel really insecure about myself. Now I know that probably is a bit of a turn off, but, and I remember this clearly, she confessed to me that she had these problems in the past and gave me advice on how to solve them. I chose to interpret this as a sign that she cares for me, but I do not have experience with girls. I am really unsure about her feelings for me anyways, but so far it has been going well and the tension I had in the beginning is mostly gone, we have a really great time together and discovered some common interests. Would you say I fucked it all up, or did I get lucky and it actually brought us a bit closer together?


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What Girls Said 1

  • You definitely fucked it up.


What Guys Said 2

  • Did read but yes, you fucked up.

    Tine to find a new crush.

    • Okay now I read it and you might have a chance lol just see what happens

    • I think I might be okay if I dont bring it up again soon, who knows, maybe we'll laugh about it in a few months.
      Thank you for your opinion :)

  • I think since she shared with you that is a good sign.