Is she even interested?

Me and my girlfriend (both 15) have been going out for 6 months, before we were going out we both knew we liked eachother and always messaged eachother, she would always start the conversations. But it took 2 months for one of us to say 'Do you want to go out with me' (me). Now that we have been going out we have been messaging around the same, maybe a little less and we do sit with eachother etc. My friend (he is a guy) is starting to like things she likes and is talking to her more, he had a crush on her before we went out. She talks to him a lot now but she isn't really messaging me now, they've stopped speaking as much for a week but she isn't really talking to me now. I'm probably being stupid asking this but is she still interested?


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  • well you gotta talk to her and tell her how you feel so she can reasurre you that you guys are good. I mean it's best to be open and honest about it. She is already your girl so you should be able to express your emotions to her. It's normal and ok to have dubts.

  • talk to her and ask, high school relationships can get really stupid because teenagers dont know how to talk to each other and just be honest. maturity is needed for that, so be mature and upfront to her about your concerns


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