Help, where can I get a girlfriend? Do women like being approached? Where do women like being approached?

So many women have rejected me before i could even get a phone number. Im getting t the point where i can't take being single anymore.


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  • I'm going to be honest about this. First of all, back when I was single, I only liked getting approached from men that I found attractive. Keep in mind, who I found attractive varied from what my friends thought was attractive, so again, this is my particular experience. Second, the location of where I was approached did matter. If it was at a club, I never took the guy seriously because that wasn't a place where I wanted to meet someone. So I wouldn't call back or go on dates with them mostly. If I ever did accept dates from guys that approached me anywhere it always seemed they were only interested in sex. I was having none of that, so I stopped doing things this way and just met people through mutual friends. Eventually, I gave up on trying to find a relationship because I was happy being single. One day I was bored and decided to find friends, not friends with benefits, just wanted to meet interesting people. I went online and found my mate there unexpectedly. I guess the moral of my story is that sometimes it's not anything wrong that you are doing, but you have to be okay with being single. Don't be too hard on yourself and relax about life. When you are happy, you will attract people naturally when you least expect it.

    • What you described is not just you, its most women I've approached and tried talking to online. Most women are mean to average men, its just the way of the world. The difference between a guy approaching a girl and a girl reacting to the approach is most of the time women blow off a guy and only date hot men. Then once these women get above 25 and are single they complain about bein single. Well if these women lowered their standards and gave us more of a chance then they wouldn't be single. Anyways, being a single guy in America and trying to get sex or a relationship is a living hell. Smart phones and online dating are set up to favor women and not men. Most single men have no idea how to approach or talk to women. So we end up alone and frustrated, which communicates desperation and the end result is giving up. I might have to pay for sex or a relationship if my trend continues without a solution.

    • That's the problem of our society. People are not okay with average. We are bombarded as a society with media and things of the world which say we gotta be better. We look at our neighbors and want to be better than them because we think their life is so good, but that's not true. I know this doesn't help your problem but just know you are not alone. It is important that you don't let this devalue your worth and your success. Seriously, do what makes you happy. A relationship isn't going to solve your problems it will only create more.

    • I think being alone due to being terrible with women sucks. I dont like it at all and want women to change so theyre more datable and approachabke. Tell women to stop dating only assholes, rich, and good looking men!!! Date average men or men with bad social skills. We need women too

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  • start by being friends, respect is the key word

  • Always go in with confidence!

    • yeah... be an ugly guy and try that. Hope you don't mind being laughed at.

    • Im sure its all about showing girls confidence and that you aren't affraid of getting rejected because There are plenty of other bitches out there who wouldn't reject you. Show them that they aren't the worlds queen. Fuck them bitches!