Was I being played the whole time?

A coworker and I were fooling around. In the beginning I asked if he was talking to any other girls. He said just one other girl, and I was talking to One other guy too so I didn't have an issue with that. I asked him if it was serious and he told me that it's just some girl he's messing around with and then he tells me that it's not going anywhere. when I asked why, he said it was because they weren't "on the same page." I didn't think anything of this and we continue to fool around. Two months later he tells me that things have become serious with somebody else and it happens to be the same girl from the beginning. He tells me that they have history, and I'm wondering if they were ever broken up. Was I the other woman?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Based on the situation it would seem that you are the other woman, but I can't say that it's completely certain because he may have been telling the truth

    • They have history, so they were together before. She wasn't just "some girl he was messing around with"

    • Ah okay well then it would seem more than likely that you were the other woman

What Girls Said 1

  • You were the distraction whilst he was getting things back on track with the other girl.