Girls, any of you desperate enough to have an online boyfriend?

Because most women seem to think online dating is for losers. Which is true since I'm one of those losers. I really am desperate as hell. Which is weird to me.

Women like guys who can get any girl he wants. Then is surprised when he doesn't want to settle down.

Then the guy who does want to settle down, she doesn't want because he's desperate to settle down. I just don't get it. I hate myself.

  • Damn you're a loser. No wonder no woman wants you.
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  • I'm too good for that.
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  • I'm so freaking desperate.
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  • Not desperate, but willing.
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  • Not desperate, but willing to try something new. I met a guy online, but we have met in person and plan on seeing each other again. Granted I knew that he was a real person cause we became friends on social media and we video chatted for a few weeks prior to us meeting. I am willing to do LD w/him, but only because we met in person, I would not go months w/out meeting the guy and conducting everything online.


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What Girls Said 5

  • Absolutely not haha I don't do online dating

  • I don't think meeting someone online is a bad thing.
    But I think it's a good idea to meet in person as soon as possible otherwise i don't see the point.

  • Nah I want a physical relationship too thanks.

  • that one time i slept with his bro and he blocked me
    Like at least let me say sorry i didn't mean to!
    how rude

  • I prefer being able to touch my partner and cuddling. I like to go out and for him to come along. Its hard to do those things and share experiences together just online.