Is she still interested in me and should I hold her hand?

So she is a girl i had a little crush on campus, we are not friends, she approach me a few times, after few months we finally went out for date, everything is going very well, until i try to ask her for a second date, she rejected me as we both are having a busy week with assignments, she start to avoid me for a while. I noticed that and i just go with the flow. We have a little talk about why we avoid each other and she said if we wanted to go out again as friend than she is fine with that. I am confused, as i am not sure if she interested in me or just being friendly. So i just take a time off and not seen her for a while. After a while, she approach me again, we started to get comfortable with each other again, we went for a date again. When we talk we usually walk really close, i doesn't feel like just friend to me. So is she just wanted to stay friend or she wanted to move to the hold hand stage?


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  • No, I do not think she is interested in you. She probably considers you a friend.


What Guys Said 1

  • It sounds like she likes you but is unsure and wants to get to know you more. Which is why she suggested that you two go out and hang out as freinds. She warmed up to you again which is good and now your going for another date good job man. YES DO TRY AND HOLD HER HAND. Women love to be touched. Also try to kiss her at the end of the date even if it is only on the cheek. She might think your not into her if you don't make some kind of advance.