How do I impress my boyfriend's friend?

Well... they often insult him as a man on how he won't ever get a awesome girl.


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  • Well well. Color me impressed. Rare thing to find a girl willing to help her man with something like this.

    If it bothers you that much, I would confront them individually about it. Who knows, maybe it's just an inside joke or a reference to something.

    • Well its because they felt because he is keeping quiet they can step over him. Its simply because he dont give a fuck as to what they say about him. he's the alpha in the group in a sense he leads but they just like to gang up on him regarding such small little things, trying their luck to make him feel bad. And since before dating me he was the only one single. It didn't help for 6 dudes and 6 girls to gang up on him. Yet they dont dare to step over the boundaries...

    • Do they succeed in making him feel bad? Even a little bit? Cause if their assaults aren't hurting him, there shouldn't be a problem.

  • Sometimes you got to make yourself look hot, and still be nice to your boyfriend.

    Kiss him while he's there with his friends get on his lap and kiss him.

    Then they will be jealous.

    • Im more of the pretty type than the hot type and thats the thing.

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    • Yes... i find that really mean. I would never do that to my friends

    • That's a good thing

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  • Do they have girlfriends themselves?

    • All of them. They are like some hot bloggers and youtubers. You know... those instagrammer face. You get my drift. Whereas i am not exactly the hot sexy type. I am more of the pretty type... and i am so different from them. They like taking selfies and always on the phone. Im into books... vast difference

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    • Whats the initial ideas do you have by the way care to share

    • Nothing had fully formed in my head but just thinking about how could they of given your boyfriend crap about not having a 'hot' girlfriend if they were girlfriend-less themselves