I'm in a long distance relationship but?

I'm in a long distance relationship. i've been talking to this guy for 4 months now, we met during summer and of course he gave me a lot of attention but now he's in school & he does soccer but when i had him on snapchat he would be posting on snapchat rather than texting me back in which i got really pissed about, the other day i wrote him a long message telling him how i felt about him and he didn't even reply but he messaged me on instagram a photo, then told me to "calm down" because i was going off. when we first met i told him like i don't do long distance relationships, it's just not what i do, but i fell for him & now it's like he doesn't even try anymore... i don't know what to do.. should i just give him the same attention he gives me? i really like him... i'm scared of confrontation because i don't want to seem like a crazy girlfriend. any advice would be useful.


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  • You give him the attention you think is right. Just be yourself. But be aware that each of your needs for spending more time together may be more or less. Not every couple out there is alike on this, but it helps to know who needs more attention versus who needs more space. Having too much attention can cause someone to be co-dependent on the other, and having too much space can cause the relationship to feel neglected. So there's a fine balance.

    I would talk to your boyfriend about each others needs and expectations over who needs what and work on being supportive from there if both of you are still interested in a long distance relationship.


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  • If you have discussed it with him and he refuses to change his way, then you should probably reconsider the relationship.