Should I tell this guy who seems interested in me that I'm seeing someone else?

I met this guy yesterday (lets call him guy 1) and ever since he has seemed interested in me. I was with my friend at first and he was talking with both of us but he seemed to have been paying attention to me more. When she left he kept talking to me for a little while and then when I left he hugged me and said I was cute and kinda rubbed my arm afterwards. Today he asked to take me to get ice cream tomorrow and offered to pay. Am I wrong for thinking that he seems interested? The thing is that I'm kinda seeing this other guy at the moment (lets call him guy 2). We aren't dating or anything we haven't gotten there yet but I really like guy 2. Should I let guy 1 know that Im interested in another guy? I wasn't flirting at all last night so I didn't lead him on and I don't want to.


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  • First of all, yes he is absolutely interested in you. Second no there's no reason to tell him. If you haven't made anything official with someone else than you are still playing the field. No harm to take him up on his offer and see if you are interested in him.

    • I'm not interested in him though especially not at all. He said he would try and break me and the other guy up if we ever became official one day. Now that I know he is a home wrecker he has no chance.

    • Oh yeah, if he's willing to do something like that, I would stay very far away from him


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  • Yes, you should let him know immediately. You should never lead anybody on, hence tell guy 1 that you are interested in guy 2 only.

    • Hey, so I told him and basically he was totally disrespectful about it. He made comments like "if me and guy 2 were actually a couple he (guy 1) would try to break us up" because "he would do whatever it takes to have a chance with me. He kept saying that he knows I like him and that Im attracted to him as if I'm just playing hard to get but no.

  • You're young, you're allowed to be a little slutty and shady. Just do whatever is most fun before you get too old and have to act as such!

  • It would be nice.

    At one place I worked I had been kind of lightly flirting with a girl who worked there. I didn't know she was married. At the next outside office function she made a special point of introducing me to her husband.


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