Should I stop bothering with her?

We had a date 2 weeks ago and she showed me how messed up her phone is. It wouldn't even let her send a text to her friend so she had to use mine.

I'm not sure whether it's hard for her to receive them either.

She takes ages to respond to texts. Once it took her 24 hours and she said: "I'm so sorry for taking so long to answer [...]". This time, she has replied in over 24 hours.

Last week I asked whether she'd like to grab dinner with me. I got a text from her which read: "I would love to, but I'm not going to be here. Are you free next weekend".

I thought that even though this was a letdown, she did offer another date.

So the issue is that I haven't heard from her since Wednesday.

Should I assume she isn't interested anymore?


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  • She rescheduled with you for the weekend. I would suggest you to go there.


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  • No she is just busy , it's not over until it's been 2 weeks then I wouldn't bother but she did offer another date so just hang in there and give her time

    • See, I keep telling myself that, that she's busy and that she did offer another date... but it's doing my head in.

    • I remember it well that feeling back then and wondering, just make other plans and do other things to busy yourself, if she is still interested she will get in touch with you


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  • Dude, just go for that date. If she stops responding after it, then drop her.

  • Yeah kick her bitch ass out of your life!! Fuck that bitch

  • I would just let her do the work, back off see if you hear from her. If not then the day before just text to say "checking we are still on" - assumes you are chilled and not over keen