What's going on with my ex?

So my ex and I broke up about a 1.5 months ago. The thing is we never really called it quits. We had a disagreement and then there was a ton of miscommunication and as the saying goes "passivity breeds distance". I think we were both unsure about what was going with the other that we just tried to wait and see what the other would do. In turn nothing got accomplished. So a few weeks ago he told me he was in my city to which I replied "oh ok cool". A few weeks after that I see that his back in my city so I sent a text asking if he wanted to grab coffee. He completely ignored me which he had never done before. A few days later he sent me a text and was being funny and flirty. Even tried to make old jokes that we used to share between us. So what's his deal?


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  • Sounds like he still has feelings for you but is unsure of what's going on. I think he's following your lead. He told you he was in your city for a reason. Your response pretty much translated to, "ok, and I give a sh*t about this because? " aka not interested. So he gets butt hurt and ignores you when you asked to see him WEEKS later (probably would've ignored you too). He probably realized that was the wrong move and so he decided to reach out to you. He's pretty much following your lead. He still likes you but just doesn't know what to do. You both are giving off hot and cold vibes which is creating hesitation and a lot of insecurity of both sides. One of you is going to have to put yourselves 100% out there and say "We need to talk. I miss you". I'm sure that'll solve a good portion of this gray that you're in.


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  • he is playing hot and cold
    probs has no idea what he wants...