Guy not asking me out, do I ask him out?

We'very known eachother for almost 3 months and have been on 4 dates. He has not asked me out for 5th date. He texts me everyday but doesn't ask me out and I'm thinking I should ask him out? But then I stop myself and remember that if he actually wants to see me he will ask me out. What do I do guys? Should I just wait or ask him out?:((

He flaked on me the last time we planned to meet so I feel like me asking him out is disrespecting myself


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What Guys Said 2

  • Ask him out. What if he's waiting to see if you like him enough you'll ask? These are stupid reasons that are out of touch with reality

  • you should ask him out but it's weird that since you both have been talking to each other everyday, if he misses you a lot, he would probably ask you out by now and i think he's kind of afraid of asking you out maybe because of something but all i can say is go for it because you have nothing to lose. Don't wait because you won't have progress if you keep waiting.


What Girls Said 1

  • Maybe he is expecting you to ask him out. It won't disrespect you if you ask him one time.