Best first date idea for a girl you met in a girl group? And you've been climbing with her and friends also before?

  • Walk
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  • Mini golf
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  • Drinks in a casual bar
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  • Coffee
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  • Other
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2mo I mean a hike group. Not girl group.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Mini-golf, almost always a guaranteed fun experience.

    • 2mo

      Even if you suck at it?

    • 2mo

      Yeah, as long as you and your date are enjoying each other's company, it should go smoothly.

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  • Zoo. Hikers and climbers are almost all animal lovers. Strolling through a zoo, you will see many things that prompt conversation. Afterwards, you can share a nice, casual, low-key dinner.

    • 2mo

      Zoos are too busy though aren't they?

    • 2mo

      Too busy for what? Most girls don't want to go somewhere secluded with a guy on a first date, so the zoo feels safe to her. If there are 1,000 people at the zoo, not one of them will interfere in any of your conversations. You can have an intimate conversation in the middle of a crowd! And you can go somewhere for dinner afterwards.