Guys, Totally messed up this date?

So we were supposed to have this cute date, but I messed up and showed up about an hour late. He left before I got there (totally understandable) and I apologized. Shockingly he said that we could meet up for a drink. I get there, he pays for my drinks, and we hit if off really well. We wind up talking for at least 2-3 hours, but at the end he just gives me a big hug; no kiss. I'm super confused by the no kiss thing and I just don't want to get my hopes up.

So, it's been 3 days and no text back. Is he just not interested anymore?


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  • How does he just leave Didn't you tell him you're going to be late? Anywhoooo

    As for the kiss maybe he's the type of guy that is more comfortable building that dynamic leading up to a kiss instead of just sort of awkwardly... randomly dive in for a kiss and quickly say good bye
    - maybe try kissing midway and capitalize on that organic rush for the rest of the date

    • He thought we were meeting at 5 and showed up around then. But I wouldn't have waited for an hour either.

  • Some dude just suck at going for it, you should kinda see what happens and if he asks you out again.

    • Well its been 3 days there's no harm in throwing a ball in his court last ditch text at him just to be 100% positive. In this case its not going to hurt anything either way if you are willing to let it go.

      Just something short like "I can tell you are really busy, if ever want to get together again just shoot me a text" something along those lines.

  • We aren't all great at going in for the kiss. It can be pretty scary sometimes.