How to attract girls at my new school?

I'm in the 11th grade and due to personal reasons Im just starting my new school this Monday. My last school was an all boys school so I don't have any dating experience. How can I attract girls at my new school? I heard that girls like new guys if they're cute. Is that true? I've been rated on average a 7. Sometimes when I go out I catch girls looking but I can't tell is they are checking me out. Is it easy to approach girls? Thanks!


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  • Is it easy to approach girls? Maybe, but it doesn't really matter. You're gonna want to learn how to approach girls now, while you're young, because it's a lot more intimidating in the adult world.

    Just don't be shy. Be friendly, talk to different people, find one you like and then spend time with her.

    Lol I went to an all girls high school and honestly, I think it was easier to date in that scenario. All I had to do was do extracurriculars at the nearby all boys school, and then it was easy to find guys to hang out with. Plus, the fact that there were no guys at my school meant that I was forced to practice asking guys to school dances, rather than wait for a guy to ask me. I'm thankful for the experience.


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  • If you be yourself your good! You want to actract a girl who likes you for you, not a facade! So be yourself!


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  • Be confident and learn how to talk with different kind of people easily.

  • stay away from females man.. theyre poison