Should I feel guilty for doing this?

So I matched with this girl on tinder a month ago, we've been snapchatting and talking pretty much the whole time. She goes to college 40 minutes away from my house. I've tried asking her if she wanted to hang out a few times but she always says how she has stuff going on that weekend and she can't, but then she'll ask me randomly late at night to come over even though she said she couldn't do anything that weekend. Then the one time she was begging me to come over late at night and I said ok I just had to do something and she said ok then I texted her when I was done if she was still up and I got no response so I waited awhile and came to the conclusion that she passed out since it was late. She told me how she had stuff going on this weekend so I didn't plan on hanging out with her then randomly out of nowhere last night she asks me to come over but I told her I was stoned so I couldn't come over so she said come over after your stoned and I said ok but I guess since I was stoned and exhausted from waking up early I passed out and never went over. Should I feel guilty for doing that to her even though she did that to me?


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  • Lol, give up already. You guys seem to have the habit of cancelling on each other.


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  • No, just explain to her that you fell asleep lol