Is there a way I can get the player?

okay I have known him for 5 years and he was chasing me almost most of them years. Anyway we started seeing eachother 2 years ago when I gave in , but I never ever have told him how I felt about him. I do love him but he doesn't know this. Anyway I find the more nasty to him I am the more he wants me. when I'm nice he's not really chasing. If I call him names and litterally take the pxxx he will beg me. A lot of it has been games between me and him. But I know from first day I met him I wanted him and I do more than ever now. I know he's a player and I know he has been playing me. But I have not been an angle also. At the moment I'm not really showing him any interest , taking days to reply. Just acting not bothered and he is now asking me do I hate him and so on. Do I just stick to this until he learns how to treat me right. I just feel I have to try the last time. Because my feelings are just to strong for him


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  • This is a toxic relationship and you need to end it. You say you love him, but this isn't love. And no he will not change and playing each other is a fast track to heartache.


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  • I can't understand why anyone would want to be with a player. You'd have to be one step ahead of him to beat him at his own game. That's too draining. I can't be bothered with mind games at all

    Players are manipulators so even if he settled down, he'd always be a manipulator , because that'll be a personality trait. Besides, no matter how what he does to be less of a player he'll always have the reputation of a player... he's earned that title through his manipulative tactics. I'd avoid him at all costs