Would you trust a woman who hardly shows emotions?

Never met up with her but she seems to be well written and intelligent, however she doesn't seem to be emotional and quiet mysterious about her goings. She also always leave dead air in text.

Is she just playing hard to get? Or could she be a narcissist? She is REALLY HOT, educated and successful and I wonder what is she doing on dating site?


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  • Unfortunately you can't judge until you meet her, she could be busy or she is trying to make sure you are not a grade A clinger prior meeting. Just set up a date to meet her in person and see how it goes.

    If she is hot like you describe she probably have very high standard and is very picky that's why she is single

    • She is warming up now after I gave her some space


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  • If you've never met , I 'd assume she's just being guarded. I am too with people I haven't met in person. Well, until I get to know them more. If you're open and reveal emotion to her she may do the same , in time

  • Invest time and patience in getting to know her more.


What Guys Said 1

  • If she's open and honest then I'd think you could trust her somewhat... I don't think she'd seem too appealing if she was cold and emotionless though.

    • I never said she is dishonest. Just mysterious