Does this guy like me as a friend or more than a friend?

I really like this guy but I'm not sure if he likes me as friend or more than a friend. We text everyday (he always texts me first) and he replies fast. We also text more than once a day, for example let's say we were talking and he needed to go to work he'd say "I need to go to work have a nice day" and then a few hours later when he's done work he would text me again (he texts me first) saying "hey" and we talk again till one of us goes to bed and then he texts me in the morning again and well the same cycle. What we talk about is how our days went, random stuff, he sometimes talks about sexual stuff but in a joking way and he does say he's physically attracted to me but he also did mention a while ago that me and him are friends well he said "I know we're just friends but you turn me on" he also mentioned how his ex hurt him to the point he doesn't wanna date anyone but at the same time he does. Well like I said I really like this guy (looks wise and personality wise we just get along so well) but does he like me only as a friend or more than a friend? He hasn't really asked me out on a date tho only to hangout and get drinks but he knows I won't have sex with him and he's cool with that


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  • You are clearly more than a friend to him but he doesn't want to get hurt.

    How often to you meet. A relationship can not grow by text alone.

    • We don't meet in person a lot and I don't know I feel like he might be talking to other people too sometimes becsixe now he's acting weird and stuff like it just feels different when talking to him like I try to carry on the convo but it seems like he doesn't want to

    • That can happen when you are about ready to give up on someone. Not saying that is it, but things that were so easy once become forced and nothing feels right.

    • But everything was going so well and normal and then one day he just acted like this but my assumsion is since I met him on a dating app and now I'm talking to him on Skype he might be talking to other girls?

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  • He likes you more than a friend.