Is my boyfriend cheating?

So lately, my boyfriend has a college class with a girl he uses to like. She also used to like him. I didn't think anything bad at first, then he asked me if she could give him rides to school. I told him I wasn't comfortable. He gets all scared when I look through his phone, and he doesn't want to be intimate. I've asked him and he said he'd never. I guess I need to see what others say also. I just find it a little weird.


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  • I doubt he's had sex with her at this point but its likely he's having some sort of communication with her through his phone if he doesn't want you to look at it , but It is his phone and you really don't have a reason to go through it , I don't think he's cheating yet or any evidence to indicate that


What Girls Said 1

  • No that doesn't mean he's cheating on you.