Girls, Does this count as a date or just meeting up?

So I asked a girl to go do a activity and she instantly said sure then later mention a negative of it and I offered to do something else and she said no she wanted to do the first thing and so we did I payed for all the equipment and admissions. I don't know if it registered that it was a date or if she just thought we were meeting up? Now I want to talk to her about being in a relationship but I don't want to if she thought it was just a meetup that could be weird. Should I take her to lunch or something to just show more interest?


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  • Take her out for lunch and tell her you think she is an awesome girl and you were wondering if she would be open to dating you?

    Then maybe she'll say 'isn't this what we are doing right now?'

  • I think it counts as a date.