Why would he talk to me every day then suddenly stop?

he always drunken calls me and says random stuff on and and texts me etc, this week he hasn't spoken to me at all on msn or Facebook or text or anythingwhat do I do? :S is that odd?


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  • Maybe he wasn't drunk this week? lol... well anyways my serious answer is why don't you text or message him maybe he's tired of constantly texting or messaging you first and since you don't ever initiate anything he is starting to feel like he' s bothering you and he thinks you're too afraid to say it.

    • Ok thanks!he screws with ur head I swear lol xx

    • I don't know its so hard to say. You know I don't really noe you or him. Just my advice is don't make any rash decisions but also don't be blinded by love. If you think he's playing you he prob is so in that case you need to protect yourself.

    • Im wondering if I took it all too seriously? don't get it? what do you think I should do then xx

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