Would you date a guy/be attracted to him if he was good looking and aesthetic but socially awkward?

I am a socially awkward guy. I have strong symptoms of Social Communication Disorder. I would say I am not completely socially backward but to a degree where it is fairly noticeable, and can be noticeable at some times more than others. But yeah, if I was physically very attractive to you, whether that be muscle, or height, or looks, if I was physically attractive but still socially awkward, would you still be attracted/willing to date? I did ask this on other forums but it was mostly guys and a lot of them said no, they wouldn't without social skills. So wanted to get girls' opinions. thank.

PS I asked this question on a forum about bodybuilding where guys' aims are to be alpha male, to pick up girls and all that. Those were the people that told me I need social skills for this, and they do have experience with girls.
PS This might seem rude but it is a fact that there are leagues. Undoubtedly there would be some girls willing to date me even if I was the biggest weirdo and unattractive. However, the girl would be the bottom of the barrel so to speak. I'm talking about girls 7/10 and up.


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  • Would you date a guy/be attracted to him if he was good looking and aesthetic but socially awkward?
    Nope. I find when guys call themselves socially awkward or use socially awkward to label other guys they generally mean rapey/creepy. Shit ton of rapey/creepy behavior seemingly gets dismissed with socially awkward- dude kisses you after you said no "Socially awkward"... coworker you see in passing used the company files to find your number and is blowing up your phone then drives to your house after you tell him to stop "Socially awkward". Most reactions calling it creepy is answered with 'he probably didn't know better'.. not like there is common sense not some hard social skills that if a gal didn't give you her number it's probably creepy to look for it and text her.

    It seems for most dudes socially awkward isn't shy, anxious, nervous, or clueless unaware of social cues/context. It often seems to mean intentionally breaking boundaries and when called out on it being immensely defensive.

    I'm not interested in that.

    • Ok you have got the wrong end of the stick here. There is a difference between freak/creep and socially awkward. I don't rape girls, pressure girls or pester girls. I am not needy either, what I mean is my social skills are not that good. Whether I am talking to a guy or a girl, my social skills are bad. And anyway, if I met you in real life, I wouldn't tell you I am a socially awkward, you would pick up on it. So there would be no need to think I'm a rapist when I don't tell people in real life that I am socially awkward.

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    • I *could* tell you why you're awkward to me (I'm not going to tell you as I find most guys ask these types of questions then end up ranting/insulting/sending rape-death threats.. especially those that 'promise' they wouldn't).

      Eliminating what I see as a bad habit may or may not help you because it's a tossup if what's awkward to me is awkward to the majority of people. All you're doing is being less awkward *to me*.

      I suggest you go to those workshops as most from my opinion also have feedback on whether what the person did would generally be considered awkward or if it's personal taste. Have you looked into any? Been to any?

    • Jesus Christ, I'm not going to threaten or rant, this is my only option. To ask people. You seem like someone with high standards. So you're the perfect person to ask. I'm not going to rant or threaten because there is no quality for me to defend that you could potentially insult. I'm asking you to be brutally honest.

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  • Socially awkward guys are the cutest!😍 I would want one so we both can be socially awkward together!

  • I would if I found him attractive. I'd be willing to help him over come this.

    • Lmao at the update... wowww!

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    • doesn't make me happy either that these leagues exist but they do

    • Lol it doesn't bother me.

  • Sure, why not. The awkwardness might be kinda cute, it's not like it effects your personality, you could be a cool guy just kinda awkward.

    • Well yeah but it can put people off from me.

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    • But social skills is how you express yourself so if I have poor social skills you wouldn't be able to get to know me as easily. socialising is like a language.

    • It is but reading people has to do with a lot of stuff, it's like you're analyzing everything, along with how the person views themselves. Awkward doesn't give you a bad impression, those people have a chance, because honestly those people tend to have fine character; I've yet to met an awkward person that was a bad person... not that I know many but still.

  • I would..😊

  • I would! I am a very social person, however as long as me and you could communicate i wouldn't care about how social you were in general.

    • Well I am not like impossible to talk to, I just can be awkward, impulsive and weird sometimes.

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    • Your in a really hard position maybe if you try online dating you could get your personality out before meeting and just let them know about your social awkwardness. Really Pickup artists? I wanted to say something about them last time, but honestly I don't know how much I would trust them because not everyone is the same and not every strategy is going to work out for everyone so take all advice you get from anyone with a grain of salt and figure out what combination and strategy works for you

    • well yeah but these are experienced pick up artists. they basically teach you how to attract girls or pick up girls at bars. the type of girls who go to bars and clubbing have different preferences so those are the girls they try to teach to pick up and get in bed and such.

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