How do I tell a guy I'm inexperienced but want to try things?

So I'm 20 and a serial first dater... I go on a lot of first dates but avoid dating. I recently went on a date with a guy I like and he tried to kiss me, but I rejected him becase I've never kissed anyone and I'm terrified I'll mess up. Now we've been on date two and he didn't try touching me or anything, just a hug goodbye. How do I tell him I'm inexperienced but want to gain experience?


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  • Just tell him that you didn't do it before and he will try to understand and if you want to do it i think it's best to leave it natural to it course because from there you will learn. Even though you're inexperienced and you mess up, he wouldn't look down or laugh at you or anything probably he'll just love you more because you're his first kiss. You don't have to tell him that you want gain some experience or anything because it will comes of as desperate in a guy opinion. If he kiss you the next time, just kiss him back and slowly he will kiss you more often. Hope this helps :) Goodluck!


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  • You 100% DONT ever say that to a guy haha.

    You just put on your big girl pants and do it.

    If you tell him something like that he will think you are naive and may take advantage of that. Also saying something like that early into dating makes it sound to the man like you only want sexy time ;)

    Because you rejected him he might be worried to kiss you now so you should probably go for it first. That makes things easier if you are worried about the kiss too because it lets you set the pace. I recommend just a peck type kiss and hold it for a few seconds. That'll do for a first kiss and you can't really mess that up.


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  • Either just turn round to him when your having an honest conversation and just tell him, or you could just go for it, so what if it's bad!

  • So you looking for a hookup?
    Then just tell him bluntly what you look for.
    If you looking for a relationship eventually with him,
    You tell him that you're inexperienced and about your feelings. But don't say you want to gain experience bc that might give him a wrong impression.
    If he likes you 'gaining experience' part will be filled in eventually as you two see eachother more often.