Met a girl at a party, we were tipsy, made out, she said she found me very attractive... don't know if I should ask her out... and how?

A few days ago I met a girl at a party at a friend's house. We ended up getting tipsy making out a lot and after a while we went withcouple of other friends to get food and split our ways. At the end of the night she tells me she wants to be friends with me (winks and makes out more implying fwb). How do I bring this up now that we are sober? I want to ask her out but don't know how to without being awkward. Also another concern is she is a friend of a friend, if she rejects me this is going to be soooo awkward


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  • I think you should go for it, if you don't you'll probably regret it for a bit. If you have her # perhaps you should just casually send her a text telling her you had fun the other night. Then if she texts back maybe just kinda casually text for a couple days, that way you can kinda feel her out a but. If she seems interested then ask her if she'd like to hang out again.

  • Ask her out!! he may just want to seem "cool" so she doesn't scare you away. If she rejects you just shake it off and act like it doesn't bother you. It doesn't have to be weird.


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