What is the one thing that intimidates you from a person you are attracted to?

I have 2. The first one is beauty, if she's gorgeous and she stares/looks at me while im talking to her I will be idiotized and intimidated as well. The second one is confidence, this is a big one for me because for most of us, if not all of us, confidence is a turn on and is the key to many things in life. When a woman that I'm attracted to shows that she's confident and independent not only do i want her more but i also get intimidated.

What about you guys? If you have more than one name them all!


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  • Wit and kindness. They are also the most admirable qualities in my opinion.


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  • She's so much better than me. She's better looking, she's more intelligent, she dresses better, she is more mature and she's just way out of my league.

    • 1mo

      She's also more successful than me and she super confident. She made extended eye contact with me for like 30-60 seconds, never blinked or batted an eyelid, I had to look away and down to break the stare and then when I reestablished eye contact she was still staring at me. I was really intimidated man.

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