Why won't my boyfriend speak to me?

I have been dating this boy since my freshman year of high school, right now we're both freshmen in college. In all of those years of dating we have only broken up once because he refused to communicate with me about our problems at the time. Fast forward to today and we have stumped on this same issue. I wanted to talk to him about some of the things he's said to me that have hurt me. He's compared me with his ex that he's had in the 7th grade and said the first time I broke up with him didn't hurt him nearly as bad as when this 7th grader broke up with him. This really lowered my confidence in how he sees me throughout our relationship (even though its something that shouldn't have mattered) and I've taken notice that lately, he just doesn't seem interested in anything that I have to say. Therefore, the other day I messaged him asking if we could talk so I could get things off my chest followed by another message that stated that I wasn't mad at him and everything I had to say was out of love. About 8 hours later I also called him and left him a voice-mail stating the same thing. Since then he hasn't answered back and I know he's seen the messages because I was left on read. So now I have given him his space to think, I haven't contacted him since.
However how long is too long to give him space? I've gone a whole two weeks without contacting him before and I feel like knowing the kind of guy he is, he can draw out the silence for a month or longer.
And should I contact him to nudge him out of his silence when a specific time comes?
What should I say?
Why is it that he's becoming silent and distant when I haven't said anything negative to him?


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What Guys Said 2

  • Sorry to tell you this, but you are dating a little boy. You can wait for him to grow up or you can date someone more mature. I know that sounds harsh, and I am not trying to hurt you, but try to talk about your feeling to a little boy is not going to help anything.

  • he either met someone else in college, or he wants to be single to party


What Girls Said 1

  • I am sorry, but I think you should consider breaking up with him. It seems to me that he is not that interested in you.