Does he seem serious about me?

I met my current boyfriend in August this year and we clicked really well, our first date lasted 3 days lol.. we went away together a bunch of times, I've met his friends and family. we've also got the same birthday so we've planned a few things for that. He's not the most romantic guy, although he's affectionate towards me e. g kisses and sometimes I'm not sure if he notices all that I do but I totally love being around him/spending time with him.
HOWEVER, recently I've been suspicious and wrongfully looked on his phone to find he's been talking to his ex having full blown conversations for a month now (they broke up 2 weeks before we met)... I'm not 100% sure if they have met up or anything. I did ask him are you friends with any of your exes and he said, I'm on talking terms with L (the ex he's been talking to) and I did also ask if he's happy in our relationship because things did happen quick... said " yeah I am happy, and I like the fact it happened quick". I decided to leave it at that and trust him because I really do care about him/I am falling head over heels for him.. I genuinely think I might love him but I'm not going to say anything at this stage since it's only 2 & a half months plus sometimes I feel like I like him way more than he likes me... Anyway what do you think about the situation?


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  • I think you should take a breath and realize you are setting yourself up for a major hurt here. He's in a friendship wth his ex he only broke up with two weeks prior, and yo are ok with it?
    It's your life but I'd tell him I'm not ok with it, but you seem scared to because you don't want to lose him. I'll be shocked if (a) he's not cheating on you now or (b) he's not cheating on you in the near future


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  • If I were you, I would definitely assume I was being a rebound. He's probably using you to get over her. I mean, why else would he get in a serious relationship two weeks after breaking up? It's way too soon!