How do you know if someone truly likes you or just has a flirty personality?

In my case, I am a unconscious flirter and people always mistaken my behavior for genuine interest and I end up looking like a player... This time, it is happening to me! We met a few months ago but never saw each other again. I was in a serious relationship so it kinda kept me from hanging out with guys. This semester, we are in the same class. We always got along and are the 2 "jokers" of our class. Since last week (my relationship is now over) we started hanging out a bit outside of class. It went from simply walking to the library to print papers and do homework, going shopping together to play volleyball, hanging out on Sunday nights, to going to school conferences together. Last Sunday, we were with a group of his friends but I wanted to leave because I was a bit uncomfortable, but he stayed with me for about an hour and then walked me home (and I live quite far away from his house). Today, we went to a conference. I thought it was going to be just the 2 of us, but there were other girls. It kinda shattered my hopes, even though he had saved a spot right next to him for me, which made me all giddy inside!
My roommates say he likes me because of this list of behavior, but I can't really tell because I usually do that with other people, whether I fancy them or not. This started since he knows I'm now single. I don't know if I'm just biased because I like him so I'm asking =)


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  • If he treats with genuinely, then he probably likes you for who you are


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  • Sorry, I didn't read that thing but I think you should just study how they treat everybody else and then compare it to how they treat you.