Guys usually chase me, if I give my number out they text within minutes. Except this guy I like and it's driving me insane?

So this guy I have a huge crush on gave me all the obvious signs that he likes me too. He attempted to ask me out a few times but was inturrupted by friends. one day I decided to go up to him and ask if he wanted my number he said yes! He got really excited and walked around smiling all day. It's been one week and he still hasn't made contact. This has never happend to me before. It really hurts my feelings maybe I misread the signs? Advice? What do u think he thinks of me?


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  • Guy isn't falling at your feet and it's KILLING YOU.

    It could be he's out to knock you off your pedestal.

    • 😂😂😂😂

    • I just wish I understood this behavior I don't know what's going on

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  • I was in the same boat as you, except I didn't start off with a crush, he was so damn forward that he grew on me. But he never ended up texting me and I ended up never seeing him again cuz I met him through work and my job was temp. I have no idea why guys do that sorta thing, you'd think they'd at least want to get in our pants for that ego boost


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  • some men have a lot of options too. And some men don't like women who throw themselves at them... turns them off. And most men are polite and say "yes" even if they don't intend to call. I've taken many numbers and thrown them away 5 minutes later...

    The only good possibility you might like is... he lost your number. I've done that too.

  • He could be nervous I guarantee you if you text him first he will be really happy and it will ease the pressure off him to think of something clever to say... hope this helps and good luck

    • I would text him, but unfortunately I don't have his number. I gave him mine and didn't ask for his because I thought he would text or call. He seems super tongue tied around me but around other people he talks a lot. Maybe he just doesn't like me , the way I like him.

  • funny being the chaser now

    • It sucks

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    • This is shocking to me.. I'm even more suprised he didn't try to get in my pants... this is odd guy behavior

    • maybe he thinks u are high maintenance

  • inb4 he put the number in wrong

    happened to me before

    • I'm sorry I misread this I don't know what u said

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  • Maybe he's building anticipation. If all other guys are easy for you to get maybe the way he isn't is why you like him.