Please help me? What should I do? Would I be settling?

There is this guy that I just found out likes me. He's really nice and easy to talk to. However, about a year ago, I was with someone and it was messy and complicated and we broke up and it crushed me because of his actions. There was still some unresolved feelings on both sides about the relationship up until about a month ago, maybe a little less and I'm scared of getting hurt again. I don't believe this guy would put me through what the other guy did, but then again, I didn't think the other guy would hurt me like he did. He made me feel really special and there was just some connection where both of us lit up whenever we were around each other. He was my best friend. This new guy doesn't make me feel this way. He doesn't give me butterflies or anything. Will I ever feel this way again with somone? Part of me feels like I would be settling if he asked me out and I said yes. But on the other hand he's really sweet and maybe I'm being too picky. Please help me! Thank you!


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  • I've been slow cooking beans with country ham in them all day, about to go make some cornbread and fried potatoes to go with it.

  • Take it slow, no need to rush


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  • If he doesn't give you butterflies then it's not worth it. He can be great and all but fuck it, we can't choose who we're gonna fall for. If it was that easy everyone would be happily in a relationship.
    I had a same experience, I was with my ex for 4 years and we broke up a year and a half ago. It literally destroyed me. I was able to properly move on only few months ago. But during the period of time I did meet a lot of new people and potential boyfriends. Some of them were a perfect match, but no butterflies. I dated them anyways because I wanted to try - bad choice. On the other hand there were some who did gave me butterflies, but it didn't work out. So yeah, I realized that I shouldn't settle just because of fear of not feeling the same way I did with my ex again. I WILL feel that way again, it comes again, for sure. It just doesn't take that often, but it WILL happen. Just gotta be patient. So my advice is not to settle, but to wait for the right guy. He will appear sooner or later and then you'll be happy you waited.