What's his problem? He's hot and cold? Please read all?

This guy I like had me come over. I sat in his car all night. He only wants to see me at night. He was talking about his exs and girls he was talking too. He told me he might be moving. He asked me if I'd go. When I asked him why for anything involving me, it was I don't know. He won't give me honest answers. It seemed like he was trying to get rid of me half the night. He french kissed twice and kept pecking my lips after he pretty much said no to us because he might be moving. His choice by the way. He texts me off and on. One minute he's all ovee me next he's not. But tells me he really likes me, he tells me his deep thoughts, Calls me cutie, wants to see me, holds my hands and kisses me, tells me he think I'm different from others and there was a reason he randomly reached our to me again. We've know eachother for years. He seems like he's a knight, perfect and wears his heart on his sleeve. We have a lot on common.

He also seemed like he wanted me to be upset when he told me he was probably moving. Why? I'm so confused


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  • ... ... ... All night? He is way unstable and doesn't really know what he wants, plus he's hung up on ex. Forget about it. It was nothing. He wanted to vent and get rid of the stress. That's why he did all of that. And he thinks of you all of those things, so he trusted you with all that information. But I suggest that you just forget about him and not get your hopes up. Because he sounds like he's the type to put you on an emotional roller-coaster ride.

    • I was with him from 8 to 11:30 last night. Thank you I'm questioning if he even like me.


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  • Then just say you will go out with him and get it over with.

    • He never asked. He doesn't mention it.

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    • If I am reading what you wrote about him right then he will. Just fake some tears about him leaving. Sit on his lap and let him comfort you then whisper in his ear that you really want to make love to him before he leaves.

    • Lol. Do you think he even likes me? He seems to initiate everything that happens because I'm so unsure. I kinda feel like I'm his emotional support

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  • He sounds incredibly unstable. For how long has this been going on?