Why would a guy ask a girl out and not follow through with the date?

I'm in the dating scene and keep meeting amazing guys who seem very interested in me. They will ask me out and we'll arrange the activity and day, but they never confirm plans with a set time and place. What makes a guy behave like this? It's incredibly frustrating and I'm not sure if it's something I'm doing wrong or possibly nerves, because this is a recurring situation. If they weren't going to follow through, whats the point in even asking in the first place?


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  • Don't friends do that all the time? Agree to go to said place but no one plans the when, what time. Then you end up not going. It's the same thing.

    • The only time I don't follow through with plans with friends is if something comes up, otherwise I keep my promises

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    • My problem is that they don't have the courtesy to tell me they don't want to see me anymore, or that something came up, they simply stop all communication. Regardless of whether its with a friend or a potential romantic partner, there needs to be some respect there. Communication is so important!

    • I completely agree, communication is important and getting frustrated over being stood up by anyone that gave their word to be there is understandable. You're right about all that. My point is this. If you meet guys that seem interested in you and they agree to go out, that's great. The whole point of the date would be to get to know them, have fun. But you don't know them, and if you don't know them then why have expectations of them? I would expect more of my best friend that bailed than the girl I asked out. It really sucks, and it's immoral to stand someone up like that, but if they do it then you know they aren't worth it and you can move on. Things happen, and there could be reasons why they don't show up, but if they just simply don't go, then they answered so many questions you had about them. Move on and find a guy that will keep his word.

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  • These men are probably very busy. If they don't say something, then you say something. You or they can't do everything. It needs to be mutual. There is no right or wrong answers when dating, except that you have to ask critical questions. Just contact them to show that your very much interested in them. If they don't respond back within a certain time period, then drop them.

    • Each time there has been equal input. For instance one guy asked me out and wanted to know what day I was free. I asked how Wednesday was for him and he said perfect. Then we discussed seeing a movie and we came up with some options and he told me to pick from those selections. I did that and then I never heard from him again.

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    • We arranged it over 3 days via text, it was all pretty smooth

    • @etakyug

      Well that is plenty of enough time for them to respond. So just don't worry about them if they decided to flake out, without being respectful enough to explain themselves.


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  • They probably r intimidated by y and don't want 2 say something stupid and ruin there chances with u

    • This just doesn't make sense to me though, because they had the courage to ask me out in the first place!

    • He asked u out and he doesn't want 2 say something stupid. I personally see my crush every day and barely talk 2 her, I have her number but I'm 2 scared I'm gonna screw it up

  • You propose a place then.


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