He doesn't call when he says he will and he tells me I am special and likes spending time with me?

OK , so I met this guy very recently on a dating site, he is younger then me but he seems really nice, invited me to his place to watch a movie and we went for a walk a couple times. and when I leave he tells me he will call me and we would do something the following day , thing is, he does not call . today for instance we made plans to do something but he does not call and when I see him online later I say hi and ask him about his weekend he says he had to work today,and did not mention anything about our plans.he compliments me a lot and tells me I am special and that he likes spending time with me. I have been out of the dating scene a long time and need advice on what this means or am I jumping to quick to conclusions?


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  • Means he is dating multiple people. Work = other people...dont you watch "cheaters"?


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  • The problem with this is you won't ever be able to rely on him to show up, so you need to ask yourself if this is something you want to put up with if it keeps happening. I would definitely let him know that I had a life and don't want to sit around waiting for someone to show up when they aren't, so please call next time. Usually flakes are flakes and they don't change.

    As far as him telling you you're special and likes to spend time with you... actions speak louder than words.

    Good luck.