For women does the guy having a beard factor into going on a date with him?

little background, I'm 26 and I've been using dating apps for over a year now and got zero dates. Im not bad looking, and average fitness. So I've been trying to figure out what the issue is on my profile; saying the wrong thing, bad photos etc..

And the thought crossed my mind, is it because I have a beard? What I have I guess is classified as a van dyke but I keep it trimmed and neat. But wanted to ask women who are using dating apps, if you see a guy with a facial hair is it an automatic decline?

Any my other advice is of course appreciated.


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  • I highly doubt the beard is the issue here. Facial hair is not an automatic decline for me. What is an automatic decline is if the guy is not smiling in his pictures, or is wearing sunglasses and I can't see his eyes.

    It could be the dating apps that you are using. I was on my fourth one before I got a date. Zoosk ended up being the winning app and is how I met my boyfriend.

    I don't know what your profile says, but to much information or too little can be a deterant. I could probably help you with it if you want to message me, or post it here to get some help from other people as well.

    The other thing is you have to actively initiate conversations with girls. Just winking at them rarely starts a conversation, I usually just ignored those. Starting a conversation with a compliment is always a plus. If a conversation is going well, then just make sure that the next time you log on you say hi to that girl and ask how her day went.

    Good luck.


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  • Women are polarized on beards, but a Van Dyke isn't popular with a lot of women: another beardstyle, stubble or cleanshaven would be more popular. But don't expect miracles from this on tinder.


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  • I don't like beards on most guys. They look old and it's unattractive to me. Some guys can pull it off really well.

  • if he has a beard he is getting a bj


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  • Dude kings have beards , if they love you they will love your beard