Why do women take ages to get the hint that I am not interested?

I am on a "keep away from women" phase in life, it has been two-and-a-half-years and I am having a blast. However occasionally a young woman becomes attracted to me and starts throwing down hints, some subtle and some obvious hints but I never bite and some women will try for a week, two weeks, a woman even spent a month trying but no smokes for her.

How can I make it obvious that I am unavailable emotionally and not interested in ever dating another woman? I don't want to come out and reject them because they will feel bad and start crying and some other whacked behavior. Also I want to know why women don't get the hint? I mean I stare at these women with a blank stare while ruffling my beard and frowning, if that's not a sign saying "fuck right off" then quite frankly I don't know what is.


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  • The problem here is hints. You have to just tell them, and you can do that without creating confrontation. Just say "I appreciate the interest, but I am just not emotionally available and not interested in dating anyone right now. I am at a stage in my life where I prefer to be single and hang out with my friends."

    • Another thought. This one always worked on me and didn't get me angry. "You are pretty and I am sure there is a guy out there for you, but it isn't me."

    • Cheers man, I like your style. You're the type of friend I need, someone who can deliver sound advice on the regular.

    • Glad I could help. :-)

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  • you can always be straight with them from the get go.

    • Again women go crazy man. They start calling me gay, a small dicked bitch and all of that stuff. I cannot handle being in a confrontational situation man. I am a chilled out kinda guy, I just want to sit down have a beer and discuss the global financial markets in layman terms.

    • they sound entitled af


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  • Just tell them you're not dating. How hard is that? When guys ask me our, that's what I tell them and it's no big deal.

    • They never ask me out directly, they will beat around the bush.

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    • It seems like a recipe for confrontation but I may give it a shot.

    • At least it's honest. I didn't like confrontation either, but I find the more honest you are, the less b. s. you face. It's ok to not want to date.

  • Dont look at them, ignore them completely
    And if you have to talk to them always be in the bad mood

    • I do this and it works but it takes a few weeks. Like one woman right was lingering around me for two months. She's wasted eight weeks of her life and now she doesn't even look at me any more which is fine but it's like she blames me for not getting what she wants. There's no need to be sore, there will be other men.

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    • I'll tell that I am a Trump supporter.

    • There u go, they ll think ur an asshole and be turned oiff by it
      U just gotta be more firm in being ignorsnt and arrogant

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  • Communication always has a way of working , mind reading or sign language never is clear.

    • I hate rejecting people man, those women can get really angry and start getting confrontational. There's nothing worse than a woman scorned brother. I just don't understand why these women bother me, there's plenty of thirsty men around.