Girls, would you date a guy friend if he was physically attractive (more info in details)?

I am asking this, because a lot of times when rejection and the friendzone comes up, the reason the girl doesn't want to date the guy is because she doesn't find him physically attractive.

But lets say you do find the guy attractive but you haven't thought about dating him because you're friends and you hang out like friends, that it hasent really crossed your mind.
And then one day, he says that he likes you. would you date him? Or are there other reasons besides physical attraction that would make you reluctant to date him?


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  • Well if I was attracted to the guy and he asked me out. I guess i would be pleased. But if it didn't work out I'd be worried about our friendship. Its up to her if she is willing to risk it or not.

  • Yes if I was interested and we had things in common