I don't know if he has a girlfriend?

So I've been on and off with my ex boyfriend for about five years. We would be great, then break up and move on and he seemed to always come back, we'd date again and same thing. The last time we broke up it was not a fight we just kind of moved on, I dated but never actually had a serious relationship. He on the other hand was in a serious relationship. Fast forward to 4 months ago when he texted me seeing how I was doing, and we talked and he told me him and his girlfriend were taking some time off. We chatted for a while, very platonic and then about a month later we started sexting. (after I had made sure he wasn't in a relationship).. so we did that for a while, he then let me know that him and his girlfriend were going to get back together but we could still chat as friends. That's fine. After a week he texted me telling me how much he wanted me, I was foolish and never asked what happened to the girlfriend. We continue to talk and a semi regular basis, still some sexting. But I have NO idea what is going on. Should I just straight up ask what's the deal?


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  • On and off for five years with cycles that repeat over and over? You're not real bright are you? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this is a dead end going nowhere relationship and that's all it will ever be but if you want to keep trying to stick that square peg in the round hole then knock yourself out.


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  • Leave him alone it's obvious he just came new to you for sex after he gets tired of you, you guys break up. You deserve better why are u lowering someone come into your life and shit in it literally? What do you want out of relationships set your standard high. I mean wanting someone who wants only you, who is loyal and compassionate and etc..