Is it wrong of me to be mad that my boyfriend wants to go out every night when I'm sleeping?

My boyfriend thinks I'm trying to control his because I get upset when he wants to go out every night with his guy friends. I don't understand stand why he can't be home with me. He had me move in with him and now he can't even bother being here with me.


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  • he is in a comfort zone and some guys get there faster than girls. because he has let his trust level go up with you. most guys never do that out of fear of the girl cheating on him or some guy trying to creep in his back door. so yeah he is trusting you more than most guys would.


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  • I don't Feel if he is with you as Two birds of a Feather, why he Needs To... Go out every night with his guy friends. Unacceptable.
    It has Nothing to do with 'I'm trying to control him,' it's the principal Here, dear. You both live Under the same Roof and are Not Room Mates, but Instead, are supposedly Soul Mates.
    Tell Hunny Bunny if he wants to continue doing this, to Pack Ship with his other Ship Mates. This One, hun, Wants his Sweet cake and Eat it with more than Two by being with Them and with You.
    No more Enabling the Inevitable.
    Good luck and Once a week is Fine to Draw this Fine Line. xx


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  • people go to bed at different times?

    • No it's like he never wants to spent time with me. He ditches me to go with his friends. Then I'll be sleeping for work and he comes home at 5 in the morning and he wakes me up.

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    • He's starting a new job next week

    • yet, you're "just now complaining"

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  • He goes out every night? That's excessive. I think it's reasonable to be upset by that.

  • Nothing wrong with him hang out with his friends now and then, you guys donned space to miss each other. If you're always around each other it will get boring quick. Every night is a problem maybe compromise and he have two or three weeks out with the guys. You should also have a girls night as well and do things.

    • I totally agree. He does deserve time with his friends but he's already gone out three times this week and when I'm working he's with his friends because he doesn't have a job yet. And why can't he sleep at night with me and not go out every night. You know what I mean

    • That's a problem maybe he is insecure the fact they you are doing something and he is not, maybe he is quite childish in that sense. You would have to talk to him in a way that doesn't seem like you're nagging him.