Why am I always the one driving?

Hi everyone, I know this might sound really trivial, but I feel like I'm always the one driving in the relationship. He has his own house and I still live with my mum, so I end up driving to his all the time which is a good hour trip. And I always drive the long distances if we go anywhere out of town because he doesn't really like it. But when he comes home to see his family and I'm invited, he doesn't offer to pick me up on the way? Even though he has to drive past my house to get there? Am I being old fashioned here? I'm just a bit sick of it. Feel like because he can't have a drink I can't have one either.


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  • Why doesn't he at least pick you up if you're on the way to his parents? That sounds selfish.


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  • I think this is a typical case of him not knowing or thinking about something like this. It probably isn't a conscious thing he thinks about or a decision he made to never pick you up or drive. I'm pretty sure if you bring this up with him and say you'll appreciate it being more balanced, he'd by surprised and say he didn't think of it that way. Sometimes people are just aloof to things like that.