What do I need to do? Or should I even be worried?

I've been talking to this for about 2 months. We click well and have a lot of stuff in common. We talked everyday, all day til we fell asleep til the next morning and hung out a lot. He told me he had feelings for me and I told him too. Everything was great. This past weekend we were all at his friends house drinking and his ex girlfriend showed up. They've been broke up for a while and she has a boyfriend but this was the second time they've saw each other since. I saw them walk upstairs together and got upset and everyone knew I was upset so they were trying to talk to him to tell him that it just looked bad. I ended up leaving because I was upset and they still were continuing to talk. He texted me and said his head was messed up now and he didn't know what he needed to do and how he liked me a lot but everyone made a big deal so he didn't know then he ended up apologizing 3 more times and told me he didn't want me to stop talking to him. After all this, we haven't been talking near as much. Conversations are shorter and he isn't being his usual self. We haven't saw each other since either. I'm just not sure what to do


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  • it sounds like his ex is interfering more than he is letting on. i know this from years of seeing it done by guys who were my friends they would not leave the girl alone when they found some one.

    i would think about moving on unless you want a lot of head aches from a guy who s letting this ex mess you guys up which is more trouble than its worth.


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  • Focus on your own life and let him sort out whatever he has going on in his head you can't force conversations and connections when someone is distracted. Give him space and don't reach out to him any more for now. If he asks why u are distant, just tell him it's obvious he has something going on and it's not fair for you or him to talk right now.