My crush asked me if I liked him. Now he's telling me that he asked out of curiosity?

two weeks ago i told him to stop playing hard to get because he delayed helping me with math on purpose. After sch he texted me and asked me why i said that. I told him it was because he didn't attend to my needs immediately and he then he proceeded to ask 'u dont have any feelings for me right?". I tried to change the subject but he won't drop it. In the end i said 'hmmm i haven't decided yet' to which he replied with 'erm okay?'.

Tat was two weeks ago. Just now, i asked him why would he ask if i like him and he said it was out of curiosity. I then said "ok. U were just bored and curious". Then he replied "yes." Then i said "lol. Nvm then." And he said "okok bye". He showed all signs of liking me. he's only 16 so should i still confess my feelings on account that he's still not mature? I really like him... we have alr graduated so i might nv c him again.


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  • I think you should find someone of age. But keep contact with him. There is no hurry yoir 19!!

  • I will always love you forever Lovesickk. Kisses.


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  • He thinks that you don't like him and you're using him in order to get help with Math. I think you should confess.