Girls, Is it too late for me? Should I give up on finding love?

I just recently turned 24 and I have never been with a woman in any intimate way (kissing, holding hands, going on an actual date, sex [obviously], cuddling etc) I feel like I'm at the point where women aren't going to be with a guy who doesn't know how to take car of her or please her in any way. I feel like my situation is very weird and a complete turn off. I mean what woman in her mid 20s is going to want to be with a virgin? Plus I don't think I'm even attractive enough for a girl to have any sort of physical attraction to me anyways. I feel like they would rather eat dog shit, or sleep with Donald Trump lol and I feel like my super eccentric personality is going to be a turn off as well. People keep telling me that it's going to happen don't worry but I've been told that since i was in high school. I'm not superficial (in fact I usually find myself attracted to the more artsy and indie type girl [which would never in a million years go for me) I don't feel like a man when all my male peers have had plenty of experience. And it makes me even more self conscious when I'm trying to talk to girls. Most guys I know have had multiple girlfriend and plenty of relationships and I have had none. I don't even know how to have intimate contact with a female and I'm F****ing 24. I don't even know how to make out and I'm just going to look super awkward. I can't even get women to talk to me online


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  • Nothing is wrong with being a virgin, let alone not having kissed anyone or having a girlfriend!
    It'll be such a beautiful and romantic journey once you finally find the girl who loves you no matter what. Experiencing your first kiss, make out session, and sexual experience with someone you love is amazing. I respect the fact that you've kept your virginity for such a long time! And for a guy too!
    Trust me, virginity etc doesn't matter when someone truly loves you.

  • I think it is okay. As for being a virgin, many people would find that to be a turn on because they can teach you.