My boyfriend hardly talks to me, is he not interested?

We have been together for 10 months. Recently my boyfriend been busy with work & whatever else. He contacts me sometimes but only talks for a few minutes. When I message/call him he usually says he is busy working or doing something. Sometimes we would go days without talking if I don't contact him first and he would say he " missed me so much and loves me". But he still have time to be on social media.
I'm trying not to be needy and give him his space. But he gets upset when I don't talk to him, when I miss his calls and don't reply to his text quick enough. I am confused.
Is he not interested anymore?


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  • Sounds like a douche bag. If you're in a relationship for almost a year its not a big deal to at least shoot someone a text saying goodnight or fucking something.


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  • I believe that he is Beginning a new Beguine Here, dear, of Distancing himself. He may be Contemplating whether or Not he Wants to be in this Real Relationship. And the Sure Signs are the Writing on the Wall and All.
    However, on another hand, this Man 'Gets Upset when I don't talk to him,' which is Telling me that when you Play Hard to Get, he Gets More on the Ball and All. He could be too in this relationship Rut with his hectic schedule, and now and then, when you throw Him a Curve Ball, he Eagerly jumps for it.
    You both as Two birds of this Feather, need to sit down Together and get on the same Page, no Rage.
    Good luck. xx


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  • He is, but he is also a guy, and he communicates like a guy, on a schedule a guy finds comfortable.


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  • He has started losing his interest.