How do I beat this guy before he wins over this girl?

he's still bragging about hanging out with her outside of school and texting her. she still acts very different with me and I'm pretty sure she has feelings for me but she's hanging around this guy that literally told me he just wants to get in her pants, (good luck she told me she don't do that kind of stuff, no I didn't ask she just said it through conversation). anyways I still don't have her number so I know I need to get it but how do I start building her attraction to me so she'll stop talking to him, and is there anyway I can personally get him out of the picture? because I really don't like him.


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  • You need to be in a position to display your personality. It starts with conversation, hanging out and TALKING on the phone. Oh and You can't bad talk the other guy, that just makes you look petty.

    • excuse you! this guy only starting hitting on her after me, trying to be friendly told him that I like her. he then started harassing me about how far he's supposedly gotten with her and then had the nerve to get scared and tell me, "I can have her one" day when I wasn't even thinking about her, I was mad over something else. yes I am gonna trash talk him

    • Lol. Your loss. And I thought people came here for advice from people who know more, have experienced more and learned more.

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  • It is okay to be a little jealous, but do not go over the top with it. What will make you better than him, is by simply being the bigger man. You have to let her choose, and accept her decision. If it is meant to be, it will happen.
    All you need is love.


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  • Does your school have a meat slicer?

    With the quality of school lunch meat, nobody will be able to tell the difference anyways.

    • He'll get into her stomach, but at least he won't get into her pants

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    • @awesometjgreen Bit dark even for me. In all seriousness though, it sounds like she sees you as a friend.

      Trying to get him out of the picture won't work. Worst case scenario she dates this guy for a bit realizes the type of guy he is and breaks up with him. If she's an honest genuine girl I can't see her dating this guy for a long stretch of time. And if she does... do you really want to be in a relationship?

      Tease her and flirt with her a little. Make it clear that you like her. You have to in order to see if you get any signals. If you do, you can ask her out. Patience is key here. Don't come on too strongly but don't be passive either.

      Good luck.

    • k fam thanks

  • Sounds like you're a while behind this other guy. You'd better flirt and bring your A game so she knows your interested and knows you're an option fast

  • lol sorry bro girls love bad buys

    you're shit outa luck unless you man the fuk up

    • and how would I do that?

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    • don't bring a 3rd wheel dude, if you're gonna bring a friend, then make sure she brings a friend, like a double date

  • She says she won't do that sort of stuff, but if he works her right, you know she will.

    You had best start showing some serious interest in this girl, if you want to beat him to the punch. Get her number already. Ask her out already.

    • but he's actively doing the same, he keeps blabbing to me about how he asked her to senior prom and she said yes. that's absurd because he's a sophomore and me and the girl are both juniors (yes he's taller than both of us and he's into ufc fighting and trains and stuff) but his breath stanks daily and he's usually not dressed well so that's really why I get mad when he hangs around her because clearly I'm the better guy and I've been hanging out with her way longer than him, just at school

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    • okay so say for instance I ask her out and she says yes ( my date idea was a jog in the park) how do I impress her or at least get her to be more interested in me than this guy so she'll just give him less attention and make him go away eventually.

    • Get to her say yes to you, and it won't matter what he does or where he goes.